martedì 28 maggio 2013


US Press
2nd May, 2013

Toscana Igt 2008, Cepparello, Isole e Olena

Bill Zacharkiw, in the Montreal Gazette, recommends this as a wine “for a treat”.He wrote: “I do love my Cepparello. 

So lithe, so fresh in youth, yet already with so much depth. Subtle notes of cherry and mint, with perfectly ripe tannins that grip your tongue and prolong the pleasure. So much of everything, each element speaking a little phrase. 

Give this time and they will speak volumes. One of Tuscany’s great wines.”

UK Press
8nd May, 2013

2012 Storie di Vite, Pinot Grigio, La-Vis, Dolomiti

In the Daily Mail, Matthew Jukes described this as “one of the best value wines on the shelves today and it is also my favourite sub-tenner Pinot Grigio.”

He added: “The whole experience is a joy with floral, pear and almond notes and stunning balance. 

The 2011 vintage gives way to this 2012 any time now and both are awesome with the Baked fish with olives recipe.”

UK Press
13nd May, 2013

2011 Tesco Finest Soave Classico (Cantina di Monteforte) 

Kirby also recommends this wine, for a “night in”, writing that it is an “unusually good Soave for the price.”

He added: “An intense dry Italian white with ripe peachy scents and delicious apricoty fruit – gluggily juicy and moreishly dry.”





US Press
16nd May, 2013

Altesino Rosso di Montalcino 2010

This is one of the wines recommended by Dave McIntyre in the Washington Post, he wrote: “Rosso di Montalcino is sometimes described as ‘baby Brunello’ and is usually made from grapes grown on younger vines.

“This is at least a teenage Brunello, thrashing at the chains of youth and eager to show its potential. It’s cheaper than Brunello, which usually starts at $40 or higher. Sangiovese at its best.”

UK Press
20nd May, 2013

Taste the Difference Aglianico del Vulture, 2009 (Basilicata, Terra degli Svevi)

Williams also recommended this Italian wine, writing: “If, like me, you have a thing for the great red wines of Piedmont northwest Italy but don’t get to drink as much as you’d like because of the prices, wines made from aglianico in southern Basilicata are worth looking out for.”

He added: “Sainsbury’s new own-label effort is a more than decent introduction to what is sometimes called the Barolo of the south: it’s not a slavish imitation of the northern greats, but it does share their mix of power and tannin with ethereal red-fruit and floral fragrance.”


US Press
23nd May, 2013

2012 La Tordera Prosecco Alné Millesimato

Fred Tasker in the Miami Herald featured Prosecco, and this wine comes “highly recommended”.

He wrote: “Very dry, lightly bubbly, with floral aromas and flavours of lemons and limes.”

US Press
23nd May, 2013 

2008 Tenuta di Trinoro Rosso Toscano ‘Le Cupole’

This is the wine that Irene Virbila recommended to her readers in the LA Times. She wrote: “The term ‘Rosso Toscano’ usually indicates an inexpensive wine made for everyday drinking.

“But in this case, the wine is essentially a Super Tuscan, made from a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Not a drop of Sangiovese, but it’s unmistakably Tuscan — intense and concentrated, with a seductive tonal palate and enough body and tannic grip to age and evolve. And hard to resist now.”

US Press
23nd May, 2013

2005 Massimiliano Vivalda Barbera d’Asti Vivalda

Bill Daley, writing in the Chicago Tribune, told his readers that his tasting panel ”tasted six Italian wines made with Barbera grapes alongside a platter of sliced salami.” He added that “the fattiness of the meat softened these young reds, while the wines brought out the peppery spice of the salami.”

In terms of this wine, he wrote: “Notes of cherry and violet on the nose, this wine had plenty of cooked cherry flavour. The wine emphasised the salami’s meatiness and spice while cutting down on the fat.”

UK Press
28nd May, 2013

 Marks & Spencer Lacrimadi Morro d’Alba 2011 (Umani Ronchi)

Olly Smith’s wine of the week in the Mail on Sunday is this red wine, which he called “outrageously delicious.” 

He added: “On sale from 3 June, this fruity gem is layered with aromas of violet and lavender, with a subtle peppery punch.”





US Press
30nd May, 2013 

Caldora, Terre di Chieti IGT, Unoaked Chardonnay 2011
Rebecca Murphy in the Dallas Morning News picked out this as her wine of the week, writing: “Terre di Chieti is a broad wine region in the province of Abruzzo, which is located just below the calf of Italy’s boot. The Apennine Mountains, which meander down the center of the country, make Abruzzo’s western border, and the Adriatic Sea provides the eastern boundary.

She added: “This Chardonnay is a delightful surprise. Plentiful tropical fruits like mango and pineapple mingle with apple, pear and citrus for a satisfying mélange of flavour. Snappy acidity gives it a bright finish. The price makes it easy to keep on hand as a poolside sipper, or you can serve it with a seafood salad.”